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A person has the history and the future in the society, the country and the company.
We grow between the history and the future, and carry out various activities.
How we live in now is our challenge to be addressed.
Our goal would be the future to bring maximum profit and tomorrow that is better than today.

We believe our mission is to be active with a hand with our client together.
We do brainstorming every day to contribute to the development of our client.
Our wish is to become an indispensable presence for our client. Certified Public Tax Accountant Corporation


Tax return

Inheritance tax and Gift tax
Preliminary arrangement

We are fully aware that preliminary arrangement for inheritance is necessary for a wealthy person.
However, in our own instance, it seems to be difficult to make preliminary arrangement to facilitate asset transition to inheritors.

To live in affluence and enjoy your retirement life, and not to cause “the inheritance problem” between inheritors, we believe, it matters to make preliminary arrangement.

Assets research and transition

Taking the kind of property and the number of inheritors into consideration, we offer specific inheritance scheme with you at all times.
Certainly, our advise is based on the current laws. In addition, as requested, we can introduce a lawyer.

Utilization of land

The utilization of land is important as measures to save inheritance tax. We offer the good solution to utilize your land.

Business succession

Recently, in the small and medium sized company supporting Japan economy, it is too difficult to secure a successor since the age of the management goes.
In addition, there is the case that, by the failure in business succession, a dispute is occurred and the business result turn worse.
We believe, for a small and medium seized company, business succession is a very important problem.

Comprehensive and systematic implementation

Most of management of the owner company do not make concrete measures while they recognize importance of the business succession measures.
You should make a plan which includes all of necessary measures (i.e. upbringing of the successor, review of company’s organization and the transition of the company’s stock), and make all preparation according to the plan.

Risk management

For an owner company, a change of generation of the managements is the most important event once in several decades.
For the founder without the experience that inherited business from predecessors in the family line, the business succession is an unknown territory.
Therefore, it is important to assume various tables and find a solution.
Not to fall into a malfunction, we would provide an advise from the risk management point of view.

Outbound support

globalization advances yearly.
We provide comprehensive support service including various subsidy information, oversea local information and a financing system with our client who have a oversea investment plan.
On the outbound to the area such as Asia, Europe, Russia etc., we offer substantial service.
Particularly, we support appointment service with overseas company via JETRO.

Outbound to EU

We are an official member of CCIFJ (“Chamber de Commerce et d’Industrie Francaise du Japon”) and provide outbound support to EU (especially France).


We provide outsourcing services such as management, payroll and HR related consulting.
We suggest the solution matching the client’s needs. Thus, we believe our service is superior in cost performance.


We calculate a salary, withholding tax, social security and labor insurance and prepare a pay slip.
As annual duties, we make the year end adjustment and prepare a legal record relating to withholding tax and salary payment.

Accounting system

At requested, according to the client’s situation, we support to construct the accounting system.


We can provide information to the client who want to sell or buy the business for various reasons.
When you sell or buy the business, you should start to make a valuation as first step. By understanding the appropriate value, M&A would be enabled friendly.
We support the continuation and the development of the company.
We are pleased to support you can file the tax return which is prepared appropriately, accuracy and verifiably.

Tax audit support service

With globalization, advancement and diversification of business transaction, the tax audit become complicated year by year
We provide tax audit support, taking such a trend into consideration.

About us

Name Certified Public Tax
Accountant Corporation
The representative Hirokazu Shimabuchi
The number of employee 10
Address Mirage Nionohama No. 201, 4-1-12 Nionohama, Otsu city, Shiga, 520-0801
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Our group company Business Consulting K.K.

We are certified as an assistance institution for small and medium enterprise by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.


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